The popularity of river cruises is on the rise. Our locations are equipped with docking facilities for river cruise ships, allowing thousands of visitors from around the world to embark and disembark every year. While they enjoy their shore leave and explore the region, for example, the fresh water tanks of the ships are refilled or the waste is disposed.

In particular, the possibility to carry out loadings and embarkations undisturbed by other road users makes the Racklau an attractive landing site in Passau. In addition, the Passau Old Town can be reached by bus in a few minutes. Since 2019 there are even four dockingavailable in Passau-Racklau. In the coming years, the moorings and the supply options will be further expanded.

Iin the event of capacity bottlenecks, alternate moorings are available in Passau-Schalding.

For reservations please contact our Port Master timely:

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