Rail facilities

bayernhafen Passau-Schalding has at its disposal excellent conditions for rail transport. The main artery of the European rail network Frankfurt-Nuremburg-Linz-Vienna runs in close proximity to it. Since direct access to electrified railway lines is made possible with this, Schalding port can be accessed directly by long-distance freight trains.The upgrading of the rail infrastructure all the way through to the integration of logistics concepts for block train transport forms an integral part of the development concept for bayernhafen Passau-Schalding.
Road going units such as passenger vehicles can be loaded directly onto the railway wagons via a ramp. Linking the three modes of transportation – ship, rail and truck – is completed by the RoRo facility. Further information on the port railways or information on the infrastructure Access Framework Agreements pertaining to its use can be obtained from our local railway management.

The Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement with Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here:.

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